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Get the Snow Removal You Need from a High-Performance Team!

For more than half the year, winter weather is a legitimate threat here in Northern Illinois. However, many people have come to expect too little from their snow removal companies. They aren’t surprised when their roads or parking lots aren’t cleared as they should be. And we at Langton Group think that is just sad.

That’s why we make it a point to offer snow removal that drastically exceeds our customers’ expectations! Read on to discover how our snow removal services make life easier for our commercial, municipal, and industrial clients.

Discover the Superiority of a Proactive Approach to Snow Removal

Photo of snow plow trucking removing snow from a commercial lot in Northern Illinois.One of the reasons most snow removal companies underperform is they fail to plan for the storm. Instead of checking the weather ahead of time, they wait for the snow to begin and then spring into action. Because of this, their lots are rarely as clear as they should be.

At Langton Group, we never let the storm get the better of us. Instead, we proactively monitor the weather and receive updates from a third-party meteorologist. When we know a storm is coming, we have workers on call 24-hours ahead of time so that we’re on location when the storm hits. As a result, our roads and parking lots are often clear long before the city even starts plowing!

Another key to the success of our approach is our use of GPS technology. With this technology, we can monitor our workers and make sure they are covering the areas that need it. We also use a phone clock-in system to keep a record of every employee that shows up on site. All of this helps to ensure we are doing the best possible work for you.

Find Trustworthy Solutions from Industry-Leading Experts

Another fact that sets our team apart is we have two Certified Snow Professionals on staff. (To give you an idea of how rare that is, there are only 63 in the entire country!) These professionals help us ensure we’re using the best possible industry standards to serve our customers. So, if you’re looking for the best possible snow removal advice, give us a call and ask for John or Tony!

Receive Top-Notch Service from a Dedicated Team

Photo of Langton Group's dedicated team removing snow and ice from a governmental park.At Langton Group, our snow removal team consists of nearly 300 employees. And we guarantee that each member is more than qualified to deliver excellent work. The reason we can make such a bold guarantee is because of the high-performance culture we’ve created.

We’ve created this culture using a performance tracking system based on guidelines from the Snow and Ice Management Association. This system monitors each aspect of an employee’s work and assigns it a productivity value. We use these values to assess employee performance and help them grow.

One way we do this is by posting a list of the top five and the bottom five performers in our office. We then reward the top five performers and train the bottom five to help them improve.

The reason we tell you all of this is to assure you that 1) we care about our workers and 2) our workers are deeply committed to their work. Unsurprisingly, the results have made many of our customers fans for life.

Help Your Business Thrive All Winter Long

We understand how detrimental subpar snow removal can be to a business. After all, if a retail store has a snowy parking lot, customers won’t be able to push their carts and will buy less. Similarly, if a semi-truck for a manufacturing plant gets stuck in a drift, the goods it’s transporting won’t process. We promise to help you avoid these types of problems by keeping your lots, roads, and walkways navigable.

Work with a Company Dedicated to Eco-Friendly Practices

At Langton Group, we are proud to be a chloride conscious company. Because we understand how damaging salt can be to the environment, we train our employees to keep their salt use to industry standards. Furthermore, we make our own salt and recycle the spillage so that no salt goes to waste. It’s our way of protecting our environment even in the winter.

Need a snow removal company you can trust? Contact us today at 815-338-2630 or info@langtongroup.com for a quote on our per push or seasonal contracts.

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