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Snow Removal

Langton Group realizes that snow can’t affect your business’s bottom line. If your customer can’t push their cart through the snow you’re losing revenue. Whether it’s a cart, a fork lift, semi-truck, or school bus, Langton Group is in the business of providing a pathway for you. Unlike landscaping, this work can’t be scheduled. We react in real time and complete each job in a timely manner. Our work force quadruples in the winter to insure the service Langton customers are used to experiencing. Langton Group is always thinking about snow.Snow Removal Services by Langton Group

Our summer months are not only spent providing landscaping services. We service all of our snow removal equipment, attend numerous industry related events, and train our staff to maintain a lead position in the Northern Illinois Snow Removal Industry.

Langton has actively helped clear parking lots, roads, sidewalks and pathways for Commercial, Municipal, Industrial and HOA residential customers. And because Langton emphasizes high productivity expectations from employees, they are able to outperform their competition. This has ultimately contributed to Langton receiving accolades from Snow and Ice Magazine for the last three years!

Another reason Langton’s customers receive the privilege of clear roads and dry sidewalks before any other communities is because Langton has always been pro-active rather than re-active during Winter weather. Langton’s team continuously monitors real time conditions and forecasts 24 hours a day from multiple weather sources to get an idea of where and when snow will hit.

So before the first snowflake touches the ground, Langton’s labor force is already prepared and being dispatched to their customer’s property. Langton will make sure they’re on location and ready to plow and shovel any accumulating snow or ice right when it hits.

With snow, slush and icy Winter conditions capable of affecting our area for up to 6 months, Langton is proud to help customers receive industry leading snow and ice removal services so that they never have to worry about another winter storm.

Don’t be left out in the cold, call Langton for more information and a free estimate on snow removal service.

Langton offers snow removal services for Commercial Municipal, Industrial and HOA residential. Langton does not offer these services for straight residential.

About Us

Langton Group is located in Woodstock IL. We are a premier landscaping company providing enhancing landscaping designs. We have been in business since 2005; for these years we proved that Langton Group is name of honest and professional landscaping contractors and services.