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Yard Supplies

Yard Supply Service by The Langton Group Whether you have a green thumb and need the right materials and equipment to refurbish or start a garden, or you own a large business with an estate that needs constant landscaping maintenance, Langton can provide the right yard supplies for your needs. And not only do we offer a huge selection of top of line materials, we can also take the workload of your hands and have our expert team help assist or take over your outdoor endeavors. From lawn mowing, to mulching, to planting a garden, Langton’s team of employees has the motivation and experience to handle any outdoor project. We guarantee our customers the highest quality supplies and top of the line labor to help supply or assist in any landscaping task. Call, email, or stop by to speak with our friendly staff and browse our repertory of yard supplies.

About Us

Langton Group is located in Woodstock IL. We are a premier landscaping company providing enhancing landscaping designs. We have been in business since 2005; for these years we proved that Langton Group is name of honest and professional landscaping contractors and services.