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About Langton Group

Located in Woodstock, Illinois 60098

Langton Group is a family owned landscaping and snow removal business that employs an experienced team of over 180 workers dedicated to offering nationally recognized services (more on Langton’s accolades later). 

The story of Langton’s success began modestly in 1999 with two hard-working brothers, Joe and John Langton, who offered snow removal services in their area. Operations were simple, John drove a plow truck and Joe shoveled snow. Business steadily increased as customers spread the word about how impressively quick, consistent and efficient Joe and John were at their jobs.

In 2005 Joe and John planned and officially created Langton Snow Solutions, a company dedicated to any and all snow removal jobs. Their operations grew rapidly, and just like before customers were so satisfied with their work that they convinced the brothers to branch out to providing landscaping services. This is when Joe and John decided to establish The Langton Group. 

Joe and John offer the most efficient, outstanding services for landscaping and snow removal because of their near 20 years of hands on experience. And although their business expands 4 times in the winter, the brothers still manage every job and inspect each task. They also know the value and importance of continuing to personally consult and work with their valued customers. In other words, even if you don’t see Joe or John on your job site (which they most likely are, you probably just missed them), you can rest assured that they oversee each and every operation and hold their employees to the highest professional standards that most businesses can’t offer. 

In fact, Joe and John value their performance and their customers so much that the criteria and expectations Langton employees must meet are based off professional recommendations from the highly acclaimed Snow and Ice Management Association. And when it comes to landscaping jobs, the brothers evaluate their workers performance based off their top of the line equipment manufacture’s time and progress recommendations. 

For further validation and evidence of Langton’s promise to offer competitive, professional and industry leading work, Langton Group have been credited by Snow and Ice Magazine three years in a row for being in the top 100 snow removal companies in the nation




Why Choose Langton Group?

Professional & Accountable

The timely completion of your projects is a main concern for our team. You can rest easy knowing that Langton Group is committed to delivering a top quality service.

Always Available

We’re there for you anytime you need us. Contact us for a consultation, estimate or any question you might have about your project or our work.

Satisfaction Guranteed

Langton Group is family owned and committed to your satisfaction. We also certify that our work isn’t finished until our customers are 100% satisfied.

About Us

Langton Group is located in Woodstock IL. We are a premier landscaping company providing enhancing landscaping designs. We have been in business since 2005; for these years we proved that Langton Group is name of honest and professional landscaping contractors and services.